Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sasak culture "Dance gandrung and Perisaian"

Sasak culture "Dance gandrung and Perisaian"

Traditional dance from Lombok what hell wrote ... Perhaps many of us who do not know . Klo deh so I love to know about Dance gandrung and Perisaian . Although only a few I know , but it is enough to recognize this art Sasak . At first I did not know anything but seeing as we display in the art show , at least we can know what it gandrung Dance and Perisaian . Check it out ! ! !

Dance gandrung often featured in various events such as custom events and other formal events . Her clothing rousing appeal to the audience . Moreover, there was a time in this dance where the dancer menepek ( touching the audience with a fan ) . Wah deh so exciting events with the Dance gandrung . Spectators also involved in the stage . Ditepek audience will dance and danced with her ​​partner . Cool is not it.... ? ?

Dance gandrung ga only in Lombok but also in Banyuwangi and Bali . The origin of the dance gandrung Lombok estimated to come from Banyuwangi , East Java . Regarding the distribution is not known with certainty . But this gandrung Dance has become typical Lombok arts .. One that is characteristic of dance clothing gandrung is " gegelung " ie ornate headdress that the outer surface of the back filled with frangipani flowers .

Go to Perisaian ya , , klo dance this one well takes effort and courage . Those who admit genuine guy please try . Consisting of 2 dancers called Pepadu . They were armed with rattan sticks ( stranding ) and armored buffalo leather is thick and tough ( ende ) . But take it thankfully no referee or pekembar who oversee the running of rides on .

Oh yes some say Perisaian could bring rain . True or not obvious when we do Pensi ( Performing arts ) at SMAN 1 Mataram on May 2, 2011 yesterday . At the end of the rain -class appearance . Although only gerimis.Untuk a participant does not need any special preparation . Only supplied stranding and ende alone . But if we have the courage opponent and then began Perisaian .

More about Perisaian . Perisaian was formerly used as the emotion of the soldiers after the war . Wow kerenn .. Despite their bloody remains happy and excited . Take it easy there really rules in this Perisaian like not hitting the bottom ( leg , thigh , groin )